Class SecureXmlRpcClient

  extended bysuperwaba.ext.xplat.xml.XmlTokenizer
      extended bysuperwaba.ext.xplat.xml.XmlReader
          extended bycom.nimkathana.swx.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClient
              extended bycom.nimkathana.swx.xmlrpc.SecureXmlRpcClient

public class SecureXmlRpcClient
extends XmlRpcClient

Handles secure XML-RPCs to a server

April 2004
Maintained by Nimkathana (, Original by IOP GmbH (

Field Summary
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Fields inherited from class superwaba.ext.xplat.xml.XmlReader
converter, tagNameHashId
Constructor Summary
SecureXmlRpcClient(java.lang.String hostname, int port, java.lang.String uri, byte[] key)
Method Summary
protected  void writeObject(java.lang.Object what, SimpleXmlWriter writer)
          Writes the XML representation of a supported Java object to the XML writer.
Methods inherited from class com.nimkathana.swx.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClient
execute, getTagCode
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foundAttributeName, foundAttributeValue, foundCharacter, foundCharacterData, foundComment, foundEndEmptyTag, foundEndOfInput, foundEndTagName, foundStartTagName, getContentHandler, parse, parse, parse, parse, setAttributeListFilter, setContentHandler, setNewlineSignificant
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disableReferenceResolution, foundDeclaration, foundInvalidData, foundProcessingInstruction, foundReference, foundStartOfInput, getAbsoluteOffset, isDataCDATA, resolveCharacterReference, setCdataContents, setStrictlyXml, tokenize, tokenize, tokenize, tokenize
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Constructor Detail


public SecureXmlRpcClient(java.lang.String hostname,
                          int port,
                          java.lang.String uri,
                          byte[] key)
                   throws XmlRpcException
Method Detail


protected void writeObject(java.lang.Object what,
                           SimpleXmlWriter writer)
Description copied from class: XmlRpcClient
Writes the XML representation of a supported Java object to the XML writer.

writeObject in class XmlRpcClient
what - The object to write
writer - The writer to write to

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